2024-4 Railroad Model Craftsman April 2024 White River Productions

Railroad Model Craftsman April 2024 White River Productions

月刊 Railroad Model Craftsman(RMC) 2024年4月号。



United States Military RR: The Aquia Line • by BERNARD KEMPINSKI, MMR — A finely-detailed O scale layout depicting Civil War era railroading.

PC&F 86’ Hi-Cube Boxcar • by JAMES KINKAID — These pioneering boxcars were designed to serve the automotive industry.

Space Saver: Operations Clipoard Holder • by BOB WUNDROCK, MMR — An inexpensive clipboard holder you can build to help save aisle space.

3D-Printed C&EI Tie Car in HO • by DOUG FORBES — A custom Chicago & Eastern Illinois tie car is quickly assembled using a 3D-printed body.

Three Generations of Model Railroading • by ADOLF HUNGRY WOLF — From a chance encounter with John Allen to sharing the hobby with grandkids.

Ultra-Lightweight Portable Layout • by SCOTT MEYER — Techniques for building a lightweight and portable switching layout using foam and bracing.

Bell Crank Tortoise Installation • by WILLIAM CROCCA — An alternative strategy for mounting switch machines under your layout.
型番 WRP-RMC-2024-4
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InterMountain HO PTC Antenna CSX Type


Classic Trains, Spring 2024 Kalmbach


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