2024-2 Railfan & Railroad February 2024 WRP

Railfan & Railroad February 2024 White River Productions

月刊 Railfan & Railroad 2024年2月号。



Woodland Rail • by Lucas Leighton — Venture east to where America’s day begins for a look at changing times in Downeast Maine as a former Maine Central branch line finds new life under New Brunswick Southern.

One Day in Atlanta • by Ron Flanary — A young railfan’s first visit to Atlanta in 1966 revealed a fascinating world of railroading with appearances by Southern Railway, Louisville & Nashville, Atlanta & West Point, and more.

A Tale of Two Idahos • by Steve Jessup — Travel west for a look at the two personalities of railroading in the Gem State, from the arid southern region to the mountainous and forested northern panhandle.

Chasing Steam by Motorbike in Thailand • by Brice Douglas — Sometimes losing a camera isn’t the worst thing in the world as Brice Douglas found in Thailand, where state-sponsored steam excursions run through a busy city.

Shenandoah Junction • by Michael Murray — This busy West Virginia junction plays to competing Class Is CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern 24 hours a day, seven days a week — with a little Amtrak action for good measure.
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