2024-2 Railroad Model Craftsman February 2024 White River Productions

Railroad Model Craftsman February 2024 White River Productions

月刊 Railroad Model Craftsman(RMC) 2024年2月号。



The HO Scale Galeton & Chestnut Lake • by JERRY LAUCHLE — This freelanced HO layout recalls coal and lumber hauling in central Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Railroad X-54 Boxcar• by JAMES KINKAID — Built at Sam Rea Shops, these 40’ plug door boxcars served into the Conrail era.

Dummy Third Rail for Modern Transit • by MATT BOUCHER — Easy techniques to model an important detail for modern urban transit scenes.

Improved End Details for Covered Hoppers • by DON JANES — Etched brass and nickel silver parts improve the look of these Canadian covered hoppers.

A Simple Operator’s Control Box • by MICHAEL HAUK — Recreating simple controls to remotely set train order signals along the line.

‘Oil Can’ Sides • by BILL YANCEY, MMR — Using styrene strips to simulate warping caused by welding sheet steel.

Kitbash a Central Vermont 2-8-0 • by ARLO CAMPBELL — A Bachmann Consolidation is the base for this detailed steam loco kitbash in HO.
型番 WRP-RMC-2024-2
販売価格 2,236円(本体2,033円、税203円)


InterMountain HO PTC Antenna CSX Type


Classic Trains, Spring 2024 Kalmbach


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