2024-1 Railroad Model Craftsman January 2024 White River Productions

Railroad Model Craftsman January 2024 White River Productions

月刊 Railroad Model Craftsman(RMC) 2024年1月号。



Pennsylvania Railroad Nassau Division • by JOHN SETHIAN — This freelanced O scale empire recalls PRR heavy electric action in central New Jersey.

Pennsylvania Railroad X-53 Boxcar • by JAMES KINKAID — First of a two-part series on the first 50’ plug-door boxcars built by PRR in 1959-1960.

Scratchbuild a CP Sand Tower • by PATRICK LAWSON — Using styrene and 3D-printed parts to build a model of the sand tower at Nelson, B.C.

Boston & Maine SW1 1109 in HO • by CHRIS ADAMS — Adding details, paint, and weathering to a Walthers model to recreate a specific B&M switcher.

Build an Inexpensive End-of-Train Light • by DICK WISSBAUM — A simple circuit powered by track current to add a bit of animation to a caboose.

The End: A Caboose Gallery • by OTTO M. VONDRAK — Cabooses could be found on the end of every freight train well into the 1980s.
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