2023-11 Railfan & Railroad November 2023 WRP

Railfan & Railroad November 2023 White River Productions

月刊 Railfan & Railroad 2023年11月号。



That Which Could Have Been — Kevin EuDaly — Publisher Kevin EuDaly recalls a special trip to visit North Shore Mining operations in the heart of Minnesota’s Iron Range.

2023 Center Spread Contest Winners — Each year we seek exciting and creative photo contributions from our readers to grace our magazine’s coveted center spread.

Like Old Times — by David Baer — Norfolk Southern SD70s and old Pennsylvania Railroad position light signals survive on the Cleveland Line, but for how long?

Narrowly Missed — by Scott Lothes — Outtakes from the Center for Railroad Photography & Art’s upcoming book showcasing the Rio Grande narrow gauge lines.

Remembering Mike Del Vecchio — by Bruce E. Kelly — A tribute to railway preservationist and past Associate Editor Mike Del Vecchio.
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