Amtrak: Connecting America by Rail DVD Kalmbach

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Amtrak: Connecting America by Rail DVD

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Amtrak is the nation’s largest provider of passenger rail travel. Taking over from the governing freight railroads in 1971, and with over 50 years of history, Amtrak has woven its place into the fabric of American transit and adventure travel.

Aboard an Amtrak train, passengers escape the stress of highway driving and connect with “Real America”, via routes operating through some of the nation’s most amazing scenery, national parks, big cities, and small towns too.

This exclusive, all-new DVD introduces you to the entirety of the Amtrak service network, which spans from coast to coast, and border to border. From both trackside and onboard perspectives, you’ll see and survey the trains that so many ride for practical purposes and pure enjoyment. Along the way you’ll learn about Amtrak’s intriguing origin story, its on-going challenges, and insights on what’s yet to come.

Plus, you’ll also find more than 15 minutes of BONUS MATERIAL added to this DVD. From securing station lounge access to tips for dining and sleeping on a train, it’s included here to help you navigate your next Amtrak train-riding experience!

Approximate run time: 72 minutes + BONUS MATERIAL
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