2023-8 Railroad Model Craftsman August 2023 White River Productions

Railroad Model Craftsman August 2023 White River Productions

月刊 Railroad Model Craftsman(RMC) 2023年8月号。



Texas Northern Model Railroad Club • by Dan Munson — Long main line runs are balanced with local switching on this HO scale club layout.

Detailing a DL&W Scale Test Car • by William E. Botkin — A one-evening project to add fine details to an unusual company service car in HO.

Pullman-Standard 60’ Boxcar • by James Kinkaid — Boxcars for breakfast cereal (and sometimes steel and paper products, too)

Scratchbuild a Gambrel Roof Barn • by Patrick Lawson — Cut your own scale lumber to make a convincing model of this rural structure.

Backdating Los Angeles Junction • by Lance Mindheim — Inspired by the prototype, this compact shelf layout was backdated to the 1960s.

Overhead Illusions • by Trevor Marshall — A workable, reversible compromise for an operating traction layout.
型番 WRP-RMC-2023-8
販売価格 1,582円(本体1,438円、税144円)


2023-8 Railfan & Railroad July 2023 WRP


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