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Union Pacific and Its Predecessors

Brian Solomon著


The Union Pacific, formed in 1862, was part of the nation’s first transcontinental railroad and has been operating continually under that name for more than 160 years. Over the years the railroad has merged or acquired many other major railroads, which makes it the second-largest railroad in the U.S. today.

Union Pacific and Its Predecessors takes a look at the railroad as it is now and how it came to be, with a look at predecessor railroads and historical routes, equipment, and other features.

This book on the very popular Union Pacific railroad features:

An examination of the building of the original Union Pacific.
Major railroads UP has acquired/merged, with brief histories and operational summaries and maps for each.
An up-to-date look at the modern UP.
Chapters on UP freight traffic, steam locomotive development, unique turbine-electric locomotives, and UP diesels.
And much more!

Size: 8.25" X 10.75"
Pages: 208
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