2022-11 Railroad Model Craftsman November 2022 WRP

Railfan & Railroad November2022

月刊 Railfan & Railroad 2022年11月号。



Buffalo Creek & Gauley: Summer of ‘64 • by Brooks Stover, MMR — We head trackside to an iconic Appalachian short line modeled in S scale.

ACF Hitch Hiker Flatcar: Part 2 • by Jim Panza — Looking at later owners and retirement of the pioneering ACF Hitch Hiker intermodal flatcars.

Build a Crude Oil Loading Platform • by Jerry Lauchle, MMR — This compact HO scale model makes for a great trackside industry.

Rapido SW1200 “Keep Alive” Install • by Richard T. Deuso — Installing a capacitor circuit into the tight confines of an SW1200, step by step.

Four Urban Structures from One Kit • by Ken Hamilton — The classic DPM M.T. Arms Hotel kit is transformed into a detailed urban block scene.

Building Signals for the Lackawanna • by William E. Botkin — Scratchbuilding wayside signals found along the Lackawanna main line in HO.
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