How Steam Locomotives Work Kalmbach Trains Book

Kalmbach Trains Book

How Steam Locomotives Work
Brian Solomon

Unlock the secrets of steam locomotives with this comprehensive book covering how they work, including their design, evolution, and construction. Learn about how they were designed, how they work, what each of the components do, and how the engines operated. Well-known railway author Brian Solomon covers their strengths and weaknesses, how they evolved, and how and why diesel locomotives were able to supersede them.

You’ll get an in-depth view of the fascinating and extremely popular steam locomotives used throughout history including:

How steam locomotive components work together to get a train into motion
The evolution of steam leading to more-powerful locomotives
The various wheel arrangements and what service each was designed for
Differences among coal- and oil-fired types
And more!

Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Pages: 208

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