2022-1 Passenger Train Journal Issue 290 WRP

Passenger Train Journal First Quarter 2022 Issue 290 WRP

White River Productions 季刊(年4階)発売のPassenger Train Journal 2022年1号。



PTJ Rides the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis • by Mike Schafer — This railroad has a long history in terms of passenger trains serving metro St. Louis and welcomes “rare mileage” collectors.

The Michigan Corridors and Beyond–Part 1 • by Kevin McKinney — In our ongoing coverage of North American rail passenger corridors, here’s an updated history of Amtrak’s Chicago–Detroit/Grand Rapids/Port Huron routes.

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad • by Karl Zimmermann — This spectacular former Denver & Rio Grande Western narrowgauge line celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021.

The Wreck of the City of New Orleans • by Robert P. Schmidt — Amtrak was less than two months old when the newborn carrier experienced its first major wreck. For want of a simple nail, ten lives were lost.

Jonesy’s Big Adventure—Part 2 • by Mark Jones — In this second installment of Mark Jones’ career with Amtrak, readers will join him on some of his early runs as a dining-car waiter and car attendant.

Trip Report: North Carolina north to New York and south to Tampa • by Kevin McKinney — PTJ’s founder travels to Washington and New York as well as to Tampa starting on Amtrak’s 50th birthday.
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