2021-10 Railfan & Railroad WRP

Railfan & Railroad October 2021

月刊 Railfan & Railroad 2021年10月号。



Centercab Century • by Gordon Lloyd Jr. — Alco thought its C-415 answered the need for a powerful next-generation yard switcher, but there were few takers for the unique centercab design.

Alco Barbecue by the Bay • by C.N. Southwell — An amazing series of events led to an exclusive day of shooting Alco switchers on the San Francisco Bay Railroad.

Dixie Line Alcos • by Garland McKee — Eastern Kentucky in the 1970s was a hotbed of Alco action on the coal branches of Louisville & Nashville Railroad.

“Rembrandt’s” Alco • by Jim Rowland — While they weren’t scheduled for Conrail paint, at least one ex-Lehigh & Hudson River C-420 met the artist’s brush.

Minnesota Commercial • by Nick Benson — Although General Electric power has made inroads, Alcos still can be found working around the Twin Cities.
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