2021-8 Railfan & Railroad WRP

Railfan & Railroad August 2021

月刊 Railfan & Railroad 2021年8月号。



Yucatán Short Line • by Mathieu Tremblay — While the setting is tropical, the motive power is familiar on this interesting Mexican short line operation.

Center Spread Contest Winners • Our readers submitted hundreds of creative entries, but only one can occupy the coveted center spread position.

Ten Years on the River • by Scott Lothes — Pick almost any decade in the 20th century, and some aspect of railroading along the Upper Mississippi River changed profoundly. Despite changes in schedules and operators, the scenic wonder of this ancient river valley never falters.

PCCs in the Smallest Fleets, Cities, Gauge • by Gordon Lloyd Jr. — Since their debut on the streets of Brooklyn in 1936, the fleet of Presidents’ Conference Committee streamlined trolleys grew to more than 4,500 cars coast to coast. Despite their numbers, where were the “smallest” to be found?
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