2021-2 Passenger Train Journal WRP

Passenger Train Journal Second Quarter 2021

White River Productions 直接取引第一弾です。季刊発売のPassenger Train Journal2021年2号。



Amtrak’s Vision for 2035 • by Kevin McKinney — On the eve of Amtrak’s 50th anniversary, the carrier announces its bold plan for growth and prosperity.

Intercity: Amtrak Before and After its Creation • by Kevin McKinney — PTJ founder Kevin McKinney provides insight on what it was like to be part of Amtrak’s structuring.

Passenger Trains of Cincinnati–Part 3 • by Jeff Hirsh — What happened after Amtrak arrived on May 1, 1971? It left Cincinnati Union Terminal, CUT was repurposed and renovated, and then Amtrak returned! Here’s the full story.

A Fan of the Railroads in the Administrative State • by Bill Anderson — What was it like to enter the railroading industry at a time of turmoil involving Penn Central, the forthcoming Amtrak, and other aspects of the railroad industry in flux?

Countdown to Amtrak • by Mike Schafer — The frenzy prior to the implementation of Amtrak on May 1, 1971, with a last circle trip a week before Amtrak startup, plus some scenes of the last pre-Amtrak trains to depart (and arrive) their terminals on the weekend of May 1, 1971.

Rail Users’ Network • by Richard Rudolph — With the high success of Amtrak’s Downeaster service in the Boston–Portland corridor, is it time to extend to other Maine destinations, such as Bangor?
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