2022-5 Railfan & Railroad May 2022 WRP

Railfan & Railroad May 2022

月刊 Railfan & Railroad 2022年5月号。



Iowa Northern • by Jim Rowland — Given up for dead by Chicago & North Western, the former Chicago Great Western Oelwein Sub is thriving under Iowa Northern management.

Urban Railroading • by Henry Dell — Shifting economies and increased gentrification have all but eliminated urban freight service in Chicago and Milwaukee.

CN’s Fox Valley Finale • by Liam Hoffmann — Looking at the final months of Canadian National operation on some Wisconsin branch lines recently purchased by Watco.

The New Queen of Ely • by Justin Franz — Nevada Northern Railway marked the restoration of 2-8-0 81, retired since 1958, with a special winter photo charter.

Longview Local • by Robert W. Scott — Like turning back the clock, this Seattle-area Union Pacific local is home to standard-cab diesels and a classic caboose.
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