DE Vol.32/No.3 Third Quarter 2021 White River Productions Diesel Era

White River Productions(WRP)のディーゼル機関車情報誌「ディーゼル・エラ」。
WRPがWithers Publishingを買収。
Vol.32/No.3  2021年3号(7〜9月号)。


General Electric’s Landmark U25B Union Pacific • Union Pacific’s collection of four-axle U25Bs wasn’t large but included good variety and variations among the roster members.

Three Rivers Threesome: B&O 9007, 9009, and 9010 • by Gordon Lloyd, Jr. — Gordon Lloyd, Jr., shares images and information of Alco end-cab switchers painted in Chessie System livery in the 1970s.

A Brief Browse Through B&O Alco S-series Switchers • by Gordon Lloyd, Jr. and Tony Cook — Inspired by the Chessie System painted units presented by Gordon Lloyd, Jr., Tony Cook provides an overview of Baltimore & Ohio S-series switchers.

Amtrak’s Phase II F40PH Fleet Part Two: 273–315 • The second of a three-part series goes number-by-number through Amtrak’s four-axle EMD F40PH diesel locomotives, focusing on the mid-production or Phase II bodies.

Union Pacific 1979: ONE • by James Belmont — James Belmont presents an all-around look at newly repainted UP 4332, now UP 1979, decorated for the road’s “We Are ONE” program

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