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Steam Over Sherman DVD


From the Irving E. August 16 mm Film Collection by an exclusive arrangement with the ROCKY MOUNTAIN RAILROAD CLUB

Prepare for a journey to a time when the ultimate in steam power stormed westward out of Cheyenne, Wyoming bound for Sherman Hill!

Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boys were the largest steam locomotives ever built and you'll see them in regular service as they pound up to the summit of Sherman. Challenger 3959 puts on a grand show as we pace this sister engine of Union Pacific's present day excursion engine 3985. Then trackside, watch her drivers slip as the giant 4-6-6-4 slowly moves by. The huge 3-cylinder 4-12-2 9000's are there, along with the 4-8-4 800's, sister engines of another famous excursion steamer of today...8444. First generation E8's lead the Union Pacific's "City of Los Angeles". "City of San Francisco" and the "Overland Limited" over Sherman but sometimes with steam helpers! The unusual veranda turbine puts in an appearance and then take a tour of the Cheyenne Yard in 1954 with an obvious abundance of steam.

This steam classic will be a favorite in your Railroad DVD Library. Narrated by Irv August. Color and synchro-dubbed sound. 54 minutes.

Jacket Photograph: Jim Ehernberger 1984 WB Video Productions.All Rights Reserved.

54 minutes
型番 WB-011
販売価格 1,944円(税抜)

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