Train Wrecks Vo.2 Kalmbach Trains Special

Kalmbach Trains別冊



From Trains magazine, Train Wrecks Vol. 2 takes a revealing look at several major derailments that changed railroading as we know it.

From train crossing accidents and floods, to horrific crashes and evacuations, this 100-page special issue covers historic disasters that caused sweeping changes in the railroad industry. Also, discover the new technologies that emerged from catastrophic events.

Featured Stories:
Explore the horrifying crash in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, Canada that led to critical changes for trains carrying hazardous materials.
Learn how the 1987 crash of Amtrak's Colonial ushered in engineer licensing and sobriety requirements.
Travel to Chatsworth, California, where a head-on crash with a Metrolink commuter train led Congress to demand PTC (Positive Train Control).
Look back to November 10, 1979, when a train derailment in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, resulted in the largest peacetime evacuation in North America until Hurricane Katrina.
And much more!
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