Santa Fe's New Mexico Mainline Combo Pentrx sale DVD !


Santa Fes New Mexico Mainline Combo DVD
3 Hours

Santa Fe's Clovis and Gallup Subs exist in a land of red rock bluffs, windswept mesas, and rugged canyons where Super Fleet diesels in red and silver Warbonnet paint lead high-priority intermodal trains and drag freights in unending numbers. Pentrex captured the beauty of New Mexico railroading Santa Fe style in 1994 prior to the merger with BN. These stunning images were taken during early mornings and late afternoons when long shadows and pastel hues enriched the southwestern landscapes and the trains glowed in vivid detail. Originally released as two separate programs, Volumes I and II have now been combined on one DVD, bringing you the full story of Santa Fe's New Mexico mainline in three hours of nonstop action.
Volume I - The Clovis Subdivision
Volume II - The Gallup Subdivision
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