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Hot Spots 12 The Northeast Corridor DVD Train Video

Our last stop at Perrysville, Maryland, on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. Power is AEM7's and HHR-8 electric locomotives with some P40 and P42 diesels powering long-distance trains. Next we spend some time at Elizabeth, New Jersey where we catch New Jersey Transit F40's and ALP44 electrics in push-pull service. Amtrak's new Acela Express train sets are out and about ane see several. Finally, we spend some time at Hoboken, New Jersey to see New Jersey Transit commuter trains. Two days full of trains at two of the hottest spots on the NE corridor, Perrysville, MD and Elizabeth, NJ. AEM7's, E60's, HHP-8's, Acela Express, NJT, MARC.

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